Thanksgiving Monday

Blessed are you, O Lord, the God of our fathers,
praiseworthy and exalted above all forever;
And blessed is your holy and glorious name,
praiseworthy and exulted above all for all ages.

Daniel 3:52

Early on in my teaching career, I discovered that the onset of Thanksgiving Week automatically turned my students’ thoughts to Christmas. Though I don’t recall any references to “Black Friday” at the time, I know that the children were aware that Christmas shopping and visits to Santa began the day after Thanksgiving. In an effort to keep them interested in school during those days of anticipation, I devised all sorts of projects and lessons which covered the prescribed curriculum while also acknowledging their mindsets.

During Thanksgiving Week, we named, discussed, listed, spelled, wrote about, added up, illustrated, sorted and charted our collective blessings. Though the public school setting did not promote conversation regarding the Almighty, the children certainly understood why the pilgrims felt the need to express their gratitude to their Lord. Who was I to disallow these innocent ones expressions of the same? By the time they left my care on Wednesday of that week, most of the children had joined me in not worrying quite so much about what we wanted and in being a bit more grateful for what we had.

Today, I will do the same.

Generous God, thank you for your love, for the gift of this life and for the blessings you supply along the way. Give me a grateful and generous heart, that I will always acknowledge your gifts and share what I have been given.

©2013 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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