God Is So Good!

She had heard about Jesus
and came up behind him in the crowd
and put her hand on his cloak.
“If I just touch his clothing,” she thought,
“I will get well.”

From Mark 5:21-43

God is good! I think I first heard this phrase at least five decades ago from my mom’s aunt, Sister Gerard. My great-aunt was the sweetest, most dynamic and lively little nun. Sister spent most of her career teaching at a boarding school for boys. Sister Gerard often remarked, “I’ve taught convicts and bishops, lawyers, janitors and butchers, and I love them all. God put each one into my life. God is good!” Because Sister Gerard was eventually assigned to a parish school in Chicago, we were blessed with her company often. Needless to say, her great-nieces and nephews grew to love her as much as our parents did.

Sister Gerard won several bouts with cancer through the years. With each recovery, she observed, “Sweet Jesus carried me through. GOd is good!” At ninety-two, she discovered that her final bout was a losing battle. She smiled at me from her sickbed as she admitted, “I was a little upset that Jesus didn’t cure me this time around. Then, I thought about where I’m going and I thanked Him! God is so good!”

Good and Wondrous God, thank you for Sister Gerard and for all of the amazing people who share their faith in Your Goodness with the rest of us. Sister Gerard’s faith carried her home to you. Please fill us with our own measure of faith in your goodness and love.

©2014 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved


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