God’s Plan

“…until heaven and earth pass away,
not the smallest letter or the smallest part
of a letter will pass from the law until
all things have taken place
From Matthew 5:17-19

We climbed all over my dad as he attempted to swim out into the lake. Suddenly, as he sank into the water, he called, “Rita, get the kids off of me.” This out-of-character request prompted us to the sandy beach as my mom tended to our dad. A subsequent visit to the doctor and tests revealed a heart condition that would allow my dad only one more year of life. My mom’s vigilant care and my dad’s vigilant obedience to his doctors earned him that precious year.

As my dad lay in the hospital the following summer, he told my mom about the “scare” he had experienced. “I shook hands with St. Peter last night,” he remarked. My mom nodded, as the doctor had already spoken to her. Then, she went on to offer my dad the medicine he needed most. “God has taken good care of us and the kids, too. Do you think he’s going to stop because you’re not here? It’s okay to let go, Honey. We’ll make it…” My dad passed away that night.

I did not appreciate the depth of my mother’s sacrifice until I had a family of my own. Could I do what my mother who had six children did? I will never know because my life has unfolded differently. As for my mom, she lived on with grace and perseverance. Though she would have kept my dad for another fifty years, she accepted that God knew best when he welcomed my dad home.

O Lord, I place my trust in your plans for me.
They are much better than my own.

©2014 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved


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