Blessed Are The Peacemakers

What emerges from within a man, that and nothing else is what makes him impure. Wicked designs come from the deep recesses of the heart.
From Mark 7:14-23

While shopping for office supplies the other day, I observed a family with three children gathering school supplies for the coming year. As I watched, the three children cooperated in sticking to their supply lists as they understood that the family had “only so much” to spend. As I lingered to observe this refreshing drama unfold, I noted that the eldest of the children resembled Frankie, a favorite student from years ago. When I finally got on with my own shopping list, I recalled my favorite “Frankie” memory…

Frankie remarked, “Nasty, nasty, nasty. He’s just nasty, so don’t pay any attention to him!” Frankie, a fifth grader who was wise beyond her years, had mastered the art of ignoring misbehavior. Though she would never allow one classmate to physically hurt another, Frankie ignored verbal assaults and she taught those in her company to do the same. Frankie single-handedly prevented many a playground altercation by simply walking away. While the teacher in me addressed any assault, verbal or otherwise, I truly respected this little girl’s approach to getting along in this world. Apparently, so did most of her classmates who considered Frankie to be their friend. By the end of the first semester that year, even a few potential bullies saw the light and befriended their one-time nemesis.

Dear God, I am most grateful for the peacemakers among us. They counter the misdeeds of the rest of us with grace. Please fill our hearts with Frankie’s desire to bring peace to this world wherever we are.

©2014 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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