Loving Heros

God loves each one of us
as if there were only one of us.

St. Augustine

Our recent loss of Chicago White Sox Great Minnie Minoso prompted me to walk down Memory Lane once again. My husband and son had the pleasure of meeting the good Mr. Minoso at a baseball dinner several years ago. I recall both of their comments afterward regarding the vintage White Sox player’s humility, friendliness and eagerness to interact with the fans. Both walked away with a soft spot in their hearts for him.

Some years later, my mom, my sisters and I enjoyed an equally rewarding encounter with Ron Santo, the famed third baseman of the Chicago Cubs. We were enjoying dinner at Santo’s, a restaurant owned by the legendary Cub, when he made an appearance to mingle with his patrons. As soon as my mother saw him, she flew out of her chair to greet him. When Ron Santo graciously shook her hand, my mom did not let go. She pulled the poor man to our table. When he arrived, we tried to apologize for our mom’s enthusiasm, but he would have none of it. Ron Santo looked at us and said, “Well, you sure have beautiful daughters, just like their mother!” After chatting with us, he gave our mom a warm hug and then went on his way. When we left the restaurant after dinner, Mr. Santo made a point of saying good-bye to my mom.

I cited St. Augustine for this writing because these humble baseball heroes exhibited an excellent understanding of the love about which Augustine spoke. Each one of us is unique and special in God’s eyes and we are loved as though we are the only one who matters to God. Minnie Minoso and Ron Santo had a knack for doing the same. Today, I offer a prayer of gratitude for these two who loved the rest of us so well.

Loving God, help me always to appreciate the people who see the best in me and to look for the best in all of those you have given me to love. Today, please bless Minnie Minoso and Ron Santo with heaven’s best.

©2015 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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