No Singing?

Sing out, O heavens, and rejoice, O earth,
break forth into song, you mountains.
For the Lord comforts his people
and shows mercy to his afflicted.

Isaiah 49:13

“No singing, Grandma. No singing.” Lauren spoke very politely. Still, her eyes betrayed the seriousness of her request. Though we were enjoying our playtime together, Lauren did not want me to express this joy in song. “Okay, Lauren,” I replied. “I won’t sing any more.” We continued to play, and it was not long before I absent-mindedly began to hum. Lauren looked sternly in my direction as she added, “Grandma, no humming either.”

This scenario repeated itself several times and Lauren never voiced her reason for not wanting me to sing while we played. I have a respectable singing voice, so I don’t think it was the quality of my performance which bothered her. For reasons unknown to me, Lauren simply chose to play without benefit of song. As for me, I sing at every opportunity. I sing most often in celebration of blessings great and small. The truth is that I also sing when I cannot express my grief in a more meaningful way. In my mind, there is a song for every occasion.

Don’t worry, Lauren. I don’t burst into song in the aisle of the grocery store. I sing when I am alone with God and when I am with others whom I love and who love me.

Compassionate God, thank you for listening to my every word, whether it is spoken, sung or offered silently from my heart.

©2015 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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