Rescued By God

Then, seeing them tossed about
as they tried to row with the wind against them,
he came walking toward them on the water.

Mark 6:48

My granddaughter will soon be promoted from kindergarten to first grade. Lauren bubbled over with joy when she reported that her entire class will be reading with her during the coming year. Lauren loves to read and it warmed my heart to hear that she wished the same joy upon her classmates. I understand Lauren’s excitement because I spent a good deal of my career trying to share the same with reluctant readers of her age…

After two wonderfully successful years of planning and implementing a very special reading program which brought success to those most likely to fail, one of the “powers that be” reneged on an agreement. She determined that I would not be given that critical third year to prove the staff’s and program’s worth in spite of the fact that test scores had already reflected extremely positive outcomes. When I received this news, I left my office because darkness loomed over me there. I had never been so deflated and depressed by my workplace. When I entered the corridor, I didn’t notice a soul. I made my way down the hall as quickly as possible. I literally ran away from this terrible setback. Later, a fellow teacher and friend asked why I ignored her greeting as I walked past her. I had no idea she had spoken to me. At the moment tears threatened, a small voice intervened. “Hi, Mrs. Spinach. I’m coming to your class today, right?” I looked down at the little who interrupted my mourning and responded, “Of course you are!”

You know, I couldn’t do a thing about planning which was out of my hands. Still, there was plenty of time to arm my students with the skills they needed to read, and this is exactly what I did.

Loving God, rescued me that day with a very small voice. Thank you for inspiring my courage with this call to serve and to hand my worries over to you.

©2015 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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