All In God’s Time

For a thousand years in your sight are as yesterday…
From Psalm 90:4

A recent delivery reminded me of Mr. UPS, my favorite employee of that company. I didn’t ask his replacement what had happened to him as I didn’t want to seem unappreciative of his efforts. Rather, I took a trip down Memory Lane where I revisited a very important conversation from a few years ago…

When Mr. UPS set the box on the foyer floor, he asked, “More books?” Mr. UPS knew that I write because he had enjoyed the dubious privilege of delivering hundreds of books to our door. In spite of their weight, he presented each box with a smile. I replied in the affirmative and then added that I was struggling with a year-long devotional. He smiled more broadly as he said, “Pace yourself!”

At the time, I gave a good deal of thought to Mr. UPS’s suggestion. “Pace yourself!” I repeated again and again. Determined to heed these words of wisdom, I made a schedule of sorts for the rest of the week. Amazingly, I accomplished everything I’d hoped to do with time to spare. I spent this found time seeking inspiration in Creation and writing. After several weeks, I had completed one-third of the book. Over time, I admit that my discipline waned. I added only a few reflections during sporadic sittings. To date, I have completed half of this book.

It seems that Mr. UPS continues to work on my behalf in spite of his absence through the words that echo in my memory. “Pace yourself!” he says. And so I will.

Dear God, thank you for the messengers who remind us to use the time we are given well.

©2015 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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