A Kindly Servant

Whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave.
Matthew 20:27

The memories which filled me up at the cemetery the other day remain with me. I consider this a sign that I must take to heart my loved ones’ lessons. Though I was not beneficiary of the good deeds involved, I must share one memory which gets to the heart of the matter…

My Aunt Lucille cared for “elderly” people throughout her own “declining” years. She had a way with her “ladies” as she would call them. One woman had been rather troublesome. Her memory no longer served her which exacerbated her already trying personality. She was unkind and demanding, at best. Because Aunt Lucille was always one to find the upside in every situation, she made a point of discovering this woman’s favorite things and her pet peeves. During the year Aunt Lucille cared for her, this woman became one of my aunt’s most tiring and most beloved clients. When this woman passed away, Aunt Lucille attended her funeral.

This woman’s family was quite renowned and many notable people attended her service. Aunt Lucille arrived early to insure herself a seat. She chose the last row to avoid imposing upon anyone. Just before the service began, the woman’s son noticed Aunt Lucille in the back of the church. He walked back to her and escorted her to the family’s pew. “My mother loved you, Lucille. You’ve been a blessing to her and to us. Your place is here!”

I always knew that there was something special about my Aunt Lucille.

Loving God, help me to put myself aside and to care for those I have been given to love with Aunt Lucille’s humility and compassion.

©2015 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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