Relax… Enjoy…

“You always have the poor with you,
but you do not always have me.”

John 12:8

The good news is that I have been on a roll writing. I’m also co-hosting a baby shower for our daughter-in-law and son tomorrow. The bad news is that I have let everything else go. Though we’ll eat well at the shower, there aren’t many groceries in the house. Though I have my dress for tomorrow, the rest of the laundry has piled up. I also have an article to write for our church bulletin.

That’s odd…

A gentle tap at the window distracts me. Though it is far too windy for her to rest out in the open for long, a lovely white dove stares at me from the large flowerpot outside our patio door. Though such visitors usually fly off when I draw near, she remains, content to stare back at me. A ray of sun causes her feathers to take on a heavenly aura. As I wonder what she’s up to, it occurs to me that she may wonder the same about me. Our gazes meet, and I realize that I have not relaxed at all today. Does this lovely dove know that she has reminded me to slow down and to do just that? Does she know that my chores can wait because our celebration tomorrow is what matters just now?

Loving God, once again, I thank you for the work ethic which with I am blessed. I thank you more so for your well-timed reminders to set aside my work and to enjoy life.

©2015 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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