Check That List

I am writing you,
although I hope to visit you soon.

1 Timothy 3:14

The other day, I received an email from a fellow traveler whom my husband and I met in Italy. She was also a teacher who had a bucket list of sorts which included many places she had once taught about and now hoped to see. Like my husband and I, she was just beginning her quest to do so.

Later that trip, we met two quite seasoned travelers who noted that this particular trip was the last adventure on their bucket list. At first, I was thrilled for this determined duo as they were on the verge of completing all that they had set out to do. As I considered their predicament further, I also felt a bit of sadness for them. “Now what do they have to look forward to?” I wondered.

It seems to me that these daring souls offer some important lessons to the rest of us. First, we all need to plan a bit in order to accomplish the things that mean most to us. A bucket list is not a bad idea. Second, we all need to tackle our lists, one item at a time, with determination and good humor. Remember, we make God laugh most heartily when we plan too carefully. Third, we need to keep our bucket lists active. What I mean is that we all need something to look forward to and something to keep us busy along the way. We also need the flexibility to change our plans when necessary. When we discovered that our most recent grandchild’s due date fell in the middle of a scheduled trip, we changed our plans so we could be home to welcome Daniel. The moral of the story seem sot be, “Plan a little and live a lot.”

Loving God, life on this earth is always an adventure. Please guide us along the way with the wisdom to plan well, the courage to embrace every moment and the stamina to do our best until we make our way home to you.

©2015 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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