Share The News

“Let us move on to the neighboring villages
so that I may proclaim the good news there also.”

Mark 1:38

While picking up the house, I found a gift receipt left from Christmas. Since that particular purchase was put to use immediately, I discarded the little white paper. I smiled as I reveled in having made a good choice for my granddaughter. As I continued the cleaning, images of that trip to the mall returned.

While perusing the toy department, I encountered a little boy who had reached his shopping limit. His mother’s promise to head to the checkout in five minutes made no impression. The little boy announced, “I hate you!” There was no room for anger in this poor mother’s heart. Rather, she brushed a tear from her eye as she pushed her cart with her son in tow toward the front of the store.

Though I still had things to purchase, I couldn’t let this poor woman leave in her current state. I took my own cart to the checkout line where I waited behind her. I made a bit of small talk and then got to my point. I told this young mom that my own son had spoken the same words to me three decades earlier. I admitted that I responded with tears as well and then added that my wonderful neighbor helped me to deal with the situation. When I asked my neighbor if her kids ever said that, she responded, “Sure they did. They’re kids. And you know what I did? I pulled them close and said, ‘Well, that’s okay because I still love you!’” I shared that I followed my neighbor’s advice and that this was the last time my son spoke those words to me. After thanking me for this bit of wisdom, the young mom headed back to pick up that last toy and I finished my shopping.

Loving God, your loving ways make good sense. Thank you for giving us the sense to share them.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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