“You may go; your son will live.”
The man believed what Jesus said to him and left.

John 4:50

I have spent my entire life worrying about sick loved ones and I admit that it has taken me a lifetime to imitate the man about whom John wrote. I must also admit that I have succeeded only some of the time…

The man who approached Jesus on behalf of his dying son was a royal official. He was likely quite used to having his every need met without question. When his child lay dying, he tapped every resource at his disposal to find a cure. In spite of his powerful position, when all else failed he went to Jesus for help. Something he had heard or seen encouraged him to do this. When Jesus simply instructed him to go home because his son was recovering, the man believed and he went home. John tells us this man was not disappointed.

I’m not sure of what this royal official learned about Jesus before he approached him for help. I am quite certain that this man knew only a tiny fraction of what we have come to know about Jesus in the two millenniums since. Still, in the face of two thousand plus years of study, contemplation and proof of God’s love for us in more than a billion lifetimes, we doubt.

Loving God, I know that you love me. Please strengthen my faith in your constant companionship and care. Let me simply believe and be on my way.

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