Begin At Home

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart…
You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

From Mark 12:30-31

“You’ve got to have charity in your heart!” My mom spoke these words often to me, not so much to nag as to teach me an important lesson. Apparently, I was more interested in demonstrating my love for God than I was in demonstrating my love for my own family. Usually, my mom’s remark referenced my tardy arrival home because I had stopped at church to pray or rose early to attend morning Mass while leaving my chores undone. Mom was correct in her assessment at the time. I hadn’t yet realized that chores done with love are at least as honorable as time spent in church.

If you are a person who is involved, you have stepped up to the plate once too often, just as I have. Worse yet, you are probably quite good at the things you do. It’s difficult to walk away from something we enjoy doing or that we feel will be left undone if we fail to take it on. To help remedy this situation, read today’s scripture again. If you love God with your whole heart, you will care for the things God loves. If you love your neighbors as yourself, you will take care of them as only you can. No one else can be the spouse, parent, child, sister, brother, grandparent or friend that you can be. So feel no guilt in opting to care for them before you step up to the plate to do anything else.

Loving God, just as you love each of your children, help me to love those you have given me to love as only I can.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved


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