Together, We Can

The LORD called me from birth.
From my mother’s womb, he gave me my name.

From Isaiah 49:1

I watched with amazement as gallons and gallons of water filled the gathering space at church. This Lent, my parish is attempting to make works of mercy part of our daily lives as best we can. We’ve collected groceries and clothing for the food pantry, diapers and baby clothes for mothers in need and water for Flint, Michigan. When I added my own donation to the growing mound before me, I was struck by the impact which each bottle will have on its recipient.

Have you ever questioned your place in this world? Have you ever wondered if the things you do every day make a real difference to anybody? Though I ponder these things more often than I care to admit, that growing mountain of water bottles interrupts my soul-searching for the time being. Though I will likely never meet anyone who benefits from this flood of generosity, I have no doubt that this effort will make a difference to each one of them.

I began Lent 2016 with the intent of eliminating “I”, “me” and “my” from the concerns before me. In the past, I’ve found that when I focus on others my own troubles take care of themselves. When I become overwhelmed by this focus, I must admit that this is the result of trying to do everything myself. That mountain of water would never have appeared if it was solely my doing. However, each of us did our part and look what happened! There is a lesson here…

Patient God, who ever told me that I have to do it all? Thank you for urging me to put myself back on my list of concerns.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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