Do What You Can

As the hind longs for the running waters,
so my soul longs for you, O God.

Psalm 42:2

Once again, I allowed circumstances over which I have little or no control to annoy me. A newscast fueled my frustration with the powers-that-be in this world of ours. “Do they really believe that this sort of posturing helps any of us?” I asked the television. A phone call from someone with a “church question” prompted me to voice my impatience regarding rules which fail to serve God’s people. “Is this what God wants?” I asked myself. Then I reviewed my to-do list which included far more than I could ever accomplish in a single day. “Now what?” I asked myself.

Before I edited my to-do list, a chirping chorus drew me to the window. Five robins had gathered at the foot of our birdhouse. They seemed to be hashing out just how to proceed in settling into their home. The robins ignored the squirrels who chased one another through the trees. They also ignored the rabbit who nibbled at seeds just a few feet away. Eventually, the robins seemed to have finalized their plan because they flew away, each in a different direction.

My feathered friends hinted at what I should do about the tasks at hand. I will always be concerned about the affairs of this world and I will pray fervently regarding them. I will also write letters to those who might listen. In the mean time, I will tend to the work at hand by setting aside the things over which I have no control and embracing the opportunities before me. This I can do.

Loving God, thank you for directing my efforts through your creatures great and small.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

One thought on “Do What You Can

  1. Thank you Mary for this timely and beautiful parable. As so much whirls around us, each with our own unique and shared crosses, thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in this posting at this time on this day.

    God Bless, Nicolette (Thomas, Andreas and Stephanie)

    Nicolette Zielinski Mozny


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