V… for Vision

Rouse yourself to see it, and aid me,
for you are the Lord…

From Psalm 59:5-6

V is for Vision. The vision of which I write has nothing to do with my ability to see the world around me. The vision to which I refer is that internal sense of direction which guides us when all else fails. I have weathered some difficult storms and losses in my own life. Still, these things pale in the shadow of the suffering others endure. I can’t help being amazed as those around me cope. Though situation after situation promises the same, these mighty souls endure. They proceed with hope and grace because of their vision of the God who oversees the grand scheme of things.

My own experience tells me that each incidence of suffering morphed into triumph because of my vision of God’s presence within me. Though I could see suffering on the surface, I looked further to see God’s loving hand in it all. Those who have shared their stories with me are absolutely convinced that they survived unscathed only because they remained focused upon God all the while.

V is for Vision -our vision of our Ever-loving, Ever-merciful and Ever-caring God who walks with us through everything. Even when that vision is blurred by our tears, we see God at our sides.

Loving God, thank you for remaining with us. Increase our faith and enhance our vision that we may always be aware that you are here.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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