One Family

How great is the goodness, O Lord,
which you have in store…

From Psalm 31:20

A few weeks ago, my husband-the-deacon traveled to another parish to witness a wedding. A scheduling mix-up at our own parish prompted this change of venue. As it happened, the couple was blessed with a beautiful day on which to celebrate this special event. My husband and I had attended Mass at this church long ago and we both enjoyed this reunion of sorts. Though I hadn’t been there in decades, I felt welcomed and very much at home.

I often reflect upon our gatherings to pray together, whether for a wedding, a funeral or weekend worship. I find cohesiveness in our common intent and in our shared meal. Regardless of what separates us outside– our politics, our tendencies to the left or to the right, our likes and dislikes, our opinions regarding just about everything– when we gather at God’s table, we’re God’s children in the truest sense. Indeed, we are one.

You know, I never cease to be amazed by the beauty in the variety of faces who gather to pray on these occasions. Not one of us is exactly like another. Even identical twins cannot hide their uniqueness. Still, we are welcome, every one of us, to God’s table. The truth is, we are welcome, every one of us, into this world and into this life as God’s child.

Loving God, regardless of where we worship you, open our arms and our hearts to each other. Help us to see those around us as our family, wherever we meet..

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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