Dare To Pray

Abraham spoke again:
“See how I am presuming to speak to my Lord,
though I am but dust and ashes.”

Genesis 18:27

While waiting to get my hair cut, I overheard a mother and daughter steeped in conversation. The younger of the two was contemplating a tattoo to commemorate her ongoing health battle. She shared that others criticized this gesture as a gloomy reminder of her situation. The girl looked upon this as a banner of hope in recognition of her successful battle. I was seated too close to pretend I didn’t hear. I apologized and then asked the young woman about her health. She identified her disease and smiled at her success to date. A few minutes later, I wished her well as she and her mom went off with their stylists for a bit of TLC.

I was grateful regarding the timing of our parting because I could no longer keep my eyes from tearing. Though this young woman has every reason to believe that she will enjoy a long life, I knew someone who’d suffered from the same disease decades ago. He didn’t follow his dietary and treatment regimens and he didn’t possess this young woman’s resolve to do what he must. Though he had much to live for, he didn’t appreciate the importance of his own contribution to the mix until it was too late.

So it was that I prayed… I asked God to be with this young woman as she embarks upon the days ahead, especially when her regimen become tedious. Then, I prayed for the dear man whom I lost too soon. “Lord, give him a warm hug for me.” Then I turned my prayer to him. “You were never one to sit still until you had to. Watch over this girl and nudge her onto the right path when needed.”

Thank you, dear God, for listening and for dispensing that hug for me.

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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