G… God Who Is Love

For he is our God,
and we are the people he shepherds,
the flock he guides.

Psalm 95:7

G is for God… and goodness, graciousness, generosity, genuineness, genius, gentleness, gladness, glory, grandeur, growth, gumption and a gaggle of other nouns. In preparation for this writing, I perused my thesaurus in search of a word for “love” which begins with “g”. When I failed to find one, I searched synonyms for “love” with the same result. In the midst of my effort, it occurred to me that the single “g” word which defines love is “God”. No other term or label aptly describes God’s most precious gift to us.

I’ve been aware of God’s love for me for as long as I can remember. Deep within, as miserable or as elated as I may be at a given moment, I somehow know that I’m not alone. I’m convinced that God is present outside of me as well. In spite of the negative forces which sometimes lurk nearby, God remains in the air I breathe and in all of creation. I admit that even my most threatening nemesis houses God deep within. God created everything. As a result, God’s DNA, more precisely God’s love, remains in everything and everyone.

Some early church thinkers believed that God’s love is so perfect that it is irresistible. They also believed that a soul who doesn’t accept God’s love in this life has the opportunity to do so in the next. This Twenty-first Century thinker is convinced of the same.

G is for God and God is Love. Love for you. Love for me. Love for everyone and love for everything.

Generous and Gracious God, thank you for your love.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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