Prepare For The Journey

They laid the sick in the marketplaces
and begged him to let them touch
just the tassel of his cloak.
All who touched him got well.

From Mark 6:56

Lent 2017 is just two days away. I spend a good deal of time reflecting about this season because it is precious to me. Every year, I try to set aside these forty days much the way a couple sets aside time for a second honeymoon. If my husband and I are smart enough to retreat and regroup to nurture -and sometimes recapture- our love for each other, it makes sense to do the same in our relationships with God. So it is that I am attempting to recapture the zeal of my childhood Lents by actually planning for this special walk to Easter.

The gospels leave little doubt regarding Jesus’ popularity with ordinary people. Though the temple hierarchy saw Jesus as a threat and the Romans considered him a nuisance, those of little or no stature found everything in him. The sick sought out Jesus at all costs, while others with less obvious needs also found their way to him. This is the reason Lent is so precious to me. It gives me the time to get to know more about that irresistible Jesus who doesn’t need a thing from me, but who longs for my company just the same.

Today, I will plot the journey which I’ll begin on Ash Wednesday. Today, I’ll do as the people of Jesus’ time did and plan ahead for my special encounter with him.

Good and Gracious God, as I prepare for my Lenten journey, encourage me with a glimpse of that heart which is blind to my sinfulness and loves me as I am.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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