It’s Up To Us

The Pharisees came forward and began
to argue with Jesus. They were looking for
some heavenly sign from him as a test.

Mark 8:11

I admit to lots of anger over the suffering of those I’ve been given to love. Whether they are my own family members or children starving to death half a world away, I find it difficult to accept that there actually is nothing I can do to help. On these occasions, I become like the Pharisees who badgered Jesus for signs from above to legitimize his preaching. I find myself moaning, “If only you would penetrate the hearts of those in power as you have mine!” Of course, if Jesus had revealed himself as the Messiah to the Pharisees earlier on, they would have seen to his demise much sooner.

On this Eve of Ash Wednesday 2017, I find that I have my work cut out for me. God gifted the Pharisees and the rest of us with the ability to choose. Though I can’t speak for them or for anyone else, I can speak for me. I was thrilled when my own sons did the right thing on their own. In the same way, God is thrilled with us when we repair the world around us as only we can.

I think I’ve finalized my plans for Lent 2017. God has left it to me to do the best I can as I see it.

Patient God, forgive my impatience with others and with you. My only concern must be to do what I can to love those I have been given to love, here and everywhere.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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