Nurtured By God

In their panic and fright
they thought they were seeing a ghost.

Luke 24:37

Five sturdy blossoms beckon me. While decorating our church for Easter, a branch fell from a pot of daisies. Brian who was helping us placed this seemingly lost cause in a small hole in the floor. There it stood as we completed the task at hand. Afterward, Brian presented the tiny bouquet to my husband in feigned gratitude for his efforts. My husband who loves plants of every sort brought home his gift and placed it in a bud vase. A full week later, I say, “You’re strong and amazing,” fully expecting a satisfied nod in return. Though the blossoms stand motionless, I hope they somehow realize my gratitude for their beautiful and enduring presence.

Though my reflections regarding our trip to Israel are coming to a close, the impact of that wonderful experience remains with me. Just as my husband’s care preserved his precious flowers for the week, God has nurtured me though my experience in Israel and through every moment with which I’m blessed.

You and I are much like my husband’s daisies in God’s eyes. Though they will likely last only a few more days, their remarkable stamina will remain with me. Their presence so long after Easter is a lingering reminder of God’s presence in my life. Just as my husband singled out that flower to bring a bit of Easter joy into our house, God singles out you and me to enhance life on this earth, especially the lives of those God has given us to love.

Dear God, thank you for the many surprising ways you remind me that I am loved. Help me to love all of your children as you do.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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