Never Fear…

I sought the Lord, and he answered me
and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:5

While spending the day with our grandson, I inadvertently scared him. When I dropped a bottle into his parents’ recycle bin, it made a louder than expected crash. The poor little guy responded immediately with tears. Fortunately, he also responded to my embrace and my assurances that all would be well. This little episode brought to mind tender moments with my own sons.

Some of the most meaningful interactions between parents and their children result from uncertainty and fear. A parent’s embrace and a few well-chosen words bring the assurance that, indeed, everything will be all right. When parents’ words aren’t enough and their children continue to shiver and shake, they simply hold their children tightly for as long as it takes to bring them peace.

God’s children are not very different from our own. Sometimes, no matter how well-chosen God’s words are, we find it difficult to take them in. Uncertainty and fear overwhelm us. For these very reasons, God promises simply to be with us.

Though I’m old enough and wise enough not to be frightened by much, there are times when my circumstances or another of God’s children manages to fill me with fear. Since my parents’ laps are no longer available to me, I turn to God with the hope that God will make good on that promise to remain with me. Happily, God never disappoints in this regard.

Loving God, thank you for embracing us in our joy, in our fear and in everything.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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