Let Us Pray

This is how you are to pray…
From Mark 6:9

Not long ago, a friend shared that he has made serious progress when it comes to prayer. Somehow, he manages to set aside the hustle and hassles of daily life in order to spend quality time meditating. The results have been obvious in his demeanor and his writing. This revelation has prompted me to take a closer look at my own efforts in this regard.

Though I have admitted this before, I must acknowledge it again. I babble at the Lord God all day long. Though I appreciate God’s attention, I haven’t taken the time to sit and to listen to what my dear Lord has to say to me. So it is that I’ve decided to follow my friend’s good example and to schedule “appointments” with God. Just as I do my morning exercises, write and start dinner at given times each day, I set aside a specific time for prayer. Because of the recent good weather, this time coincides with my almost-daily walks.

This morning, as my fingers dance across my keyboard, some old excuses for not walking today come to mind. Still, I acknowledged that whenever I walk, I pray. Whenever I pray, I emerge tangibly joyful and at peace. So it is that this will be the last reflection I prepare this morning. There is Someone with whom I need to walk and to talk…

Good and Gracious God, though I allow many things to keep me from spending time with you, you are always attentive to me. Let’s talk…

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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