A Prayer for Happiness

From the day we heard about you,
we do not cease praying for you…

From Colossians 1:9

I’m finalizing Father’s Day plans with our family. My husband relishes his roles as “Dad” and “Grandpa” and we’re doing our best to ensure him a worthy celebration. All of this has put me into nostalgia mode. I clearly recall the day my husband found out he would be a dad…

After a years-long struggle to have children, poor Mike feared this doctor’s appointment. Those which preceded it had brought much disappointment. Doctor Wool was fully aware of this which is the reason he couldn’t refrain from smiling in the midst of my exam. “By God, you’re pregnant!” he announced. While, I giggled uncontrollably, he sent the nurse to the waiting room to get Mike. There was no reason to tell Mike anything as he’d heard my giggle.

From that moment, we knew our baby. We had no idea of what he or she would look like or who this child would be. Still, we loved our precious offspring. On that day, I began to pray above all else that this child would be happy and that we would be worthy parents. When our baby arrived, he proved to be all we had hoped for and more. Still, I continued to pray for him.

The truth is that this is my ritual regarding our second son, their wives, our grandchildren and, of course, my husband. I do this for all whom I’ve been given to love. These days, I’ve added all or our world’s suffering to my list. After all, if people were happier the world would be far more peaceful. And, I’m certain God wishes happiness for us all.

Loving God, bless us all with happy hearts!

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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