Still Writing On…

I have written this to make you realize
that you possess eternal life…

1 John 5:13

One discovery I’ve made as an adult is that I truly enjoy writing. This is an odd turn of events because it was extremely difficult for me to receive an “A” on creative writing assignments throughout high school. In college, I did slightly better only because most papers involved research and the recycling of established facts which involved little creativity on my part. Twenty-five years ago, my husband and I helped to found a new parish. Our new pastor asked me to write “something inspirational that will fill a column or two” for our first parish bulletin. I surprised myself when I took on this challenge. Somehow, I managed to bury my fear and to compose something acceptable in response.

Every week since, I’ve poured over the scriptures, my faith and my own life experiences to do the same. What began as a challenge has morphed into a welcome opportunity to write. The best part is that the subject matter is very important to me. I am who I am because of God’s presence in my life. This opportunity to inspire others to make a place for God in their lives is a dream-come-true!

Generous God, you inspire all of the moments of our lives. Help us to realize your loving presence in our labor, in our leisure and in all that we do.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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