A Gift of Peace

Salvation is nearer now than we first believed;
…the day is at hand.

From Romans 13:11

Some days ago, I shared that a young man I taught long ago had passed away. Though Robert was eight years old when I taught him, his fifty-one years seemed young to me as well. Because I also know Robert’s older sister whom I’d taught the year before him, I attended his funeral. I’d hoped to bring a bit of consolation to her and to all of Robert’s family.

I admit that from the moment I turned onto the street where their church is located, I felt as though I was headed home. I’d lived in this community when I was first married and I taught there for thirty years. When I entered the church, this homecoming took on a life of its own. Though I thought I knew only Robert’s sister, I encountered several familiar faces among those gathered there. After paying my respects, I settled into a pew to pray with them all.

As it happened, though I intended to be the bearer of consolation and encouragement, I was the recipient. In the kindness extended to me and in the pastor’s words to the family, I clearly heard…

“Have you forgotten that I am with you?
I know what’s bothering you.
You can’t do everything.
I’ve commissioned others to help. Let them!
Just do your best where you are. That’s all I ever ask.
I will take care of the rest.”

Though the pastor’s words were meant for Robert’s grieving family, he also spoke to me.

Loving God, thank you also for leading me to Robert’s funeral. Since I took so much from their special moment, please bless Robert and his family doubly today.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved


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