Wait With Joy!

May his name be blessed forever;
as long as the sun his name shall remain.

Psalm 72:17

In just ten days, Christmas will be here. My husband has stolen away for a few well-deserved hours at the health club. I’ve completed the tasks at hand so I’m taking advantage of the quiet house. I settled myself in the living room where I had an unobstructed view of our Christmas Tree. Since childhood, this has been my favorite place to await Christmas Day.

I basked in the sparkling lights and inhaled the scent of pine. After a whimsical peek at the tree’s eclectic array of ornaments, my eyes rested upon the crèche below it. The tiny figurines huddled there give life to the greatest story ever told. I recalled childhood discussions with my mother regarding this amazing birth and the lessons offered by the good sisters and priests. They underscored all that my mother had told me about the baby boy in whom heaven and earth came together that first Christmas. His story changed the world forever. During those quiet moments before our Christmas Tree, I realized anew that his story changed my own life forever as well.

On my way to the study, I found myself humming Happy Birthday. Yes, Happy Birthday to Jesus! The gifts of his life and lessons continue to nudge us a bit closer to all that God hopes for us. Now there is reason to rejoice!

Gracious God, I can never thank you enough for the gift of your presence in my life. Gift each of your children with a tangible sense of your presence and a heart sensitive enough to respond.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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