Jesus Gives Up His Life…

Jesus uttered a loud cry and said
“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”
After he said this, he expired.

Luke 23:46

Our visit to Israel ended in Jerusalem. By the time we drove into the holy city, Jesus’ life had become very personal to me. I realize that this sounds odd coming from a lifelong believer, yet it’s true. The adage which suggests that we walk in another’s shoes before passing judgment holds true when it comes to loving others as well. When we appreciate what it’s like to be someone else, our respect and our love for that person grow exponentially. Though before our trip I thought I couldn’t love God more, I know now that this isn’t true regarding my love for God or for anyone else for that matter.

I read the Passion of Jesus from each of the four gospels before selecting the passage above. I chose Luke’s presentation of Jesus’ last words because they are closest to my experience of God’s love. These words leave no doubt regarding Jesus’ choices. He wasn’t on that cross because his Abba or anyone else put him there. Jesus freely chose to endure crucifixion for your sake and mine. When Jesus allowed himself to be arrested, scourged and nailed to that cross, he knew this would not be his end. New and abundant life awaited Jesus on the other side of this terrible ordeal and it was worth the anguish it took to get there. Through his death, Jesus made it very clear that our eternal lives will be worth our personal varieties of anguish as well.

This is the reason we call today Good Friday. Everything that follows will be very good indeed!

Dearest Lord, I acknowledge your suffering with great sorrow and much love. Tomorrow, I will celebrate all of the good which came afterward.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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