All God’s Messengers

I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of heaven.
From Matthew 16:19

At church, we’ll celebrate the Easter Season for nine more days. I laughed as I typed “At church” because I don’t feel that I’ve celebrated Easter more than a day or two afterward. Easter seems so long ago. Perhaps in an effort to alleviate my own guilt, I considered the plight of Peter and the rest during those early days after Jesus’ resurrection. Though they’d seen Jesus since, they continued to huddle in hiding for weeks afterward. They remained frightened and confused at best. The truth is that I find this quite consoling these days.

Jesus’ uncertain band of followers was assembled one by one. Each was chosen by name. Peter had no idea of what being given the keys to the kingdom entailed, yet Jesus entrusted them to him. Jesus entrusted each one of his friends with his news regarding God’s love and the wonder God has in store for us when our journeys on this earth are complete.

When I was a child and realized the disciples’ uncertainty, I told myself often that I would’ve been much different if I had walked with Jesus. I couldn’t understand how anyone would’ve questioned a thing Jesus said or did. Of course, I eventually realized that I am no better than Peter and the rest. In spite of the numerous ways I’ve experienced God throughout my life, I question and worry and despair just as the disciples did. Still, God’s message of love and hope rests in my hands.

Trusting God, you have made me a caretaker of your message and your love. Give me the courage to share both honestly and generously.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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