Care for God’s Kids

This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you.
John 15:17

Though I’ve been retired for a while, I’m blessed with friends who continue to work very hard for our children. They include teachers and administrators and secretaries, crossing guards and parent volunteers who take their work with children to heart. One of these friends continues to work with a coalition I belonged to “way back when”. The truth is that I envy his opportunity to do something about an issue which continues to weigh heavily on me.

This group concerns itself with after-school activities and crime prevention. The statistics regarding high-crime time periods and those involved indicate that after-school hours when children and teens have the least supervision are the most concerning. Gang-awareness experts tell us that otherwise “good kids” who lack consistent support from family or other supportive relationships are easily recruited by gangs. In light of all of this, those involved continue to seek funding for after-school activities and in-school support and mentoring for the children who need them most.

Regardless of the many things which keep us busy, we adults are responsible for the children in our lives. Whether they are whining toddlers or sarcastic teens, they need our support and our love. Obviously, our own children come first as we are the only parents they have. Still, the nieces and nephews, neighbors, acquaintances and students who haven’t yet reached adulthood also need the encouragement we can offer. These small efforts can counteract the sadness or feelings of worthlessness which might otherwise lead these youngsters astray. It’s all about feeling loved and appreciated, you know?

Patient God, give us the generosity and the courage to share your love with the children whom you have placed in our care.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved


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