Tangible Reminders of God’s Love

God is love…
From 1 John 4:16

While checking to see if the bushes alongside our house were in need of trimming, I found the remains of a burned sparkler. On July 4, I hadn’t noticed anyone with sparklers nearby. Perhaps the morning’s wind had relocated it. As I continued to examine the bushes, my thoughts turned to our July 4th fireworks.

We live near enough to an amusement park to enjoy their annual fireworks display. When our neighborhood trees weren’t so tall, we gathered with our lawn chairs in the center of our cul-de-sac to watch the always-breath-taking display. The trees have grown and our line of vision has shrunk, so we carry our chairs a bit closer to the amusement park’s “launch pad.” Though our view of each colorful burst was unobstructed, the fireworks seemed far away to me this year. If only I could’ve been a little closer…

This minor disappointment gave me reason to consider other occasions when I wished I’d been a little closer. When life’s struggles threaten, I sometimes feel alone as I prepare to face them. It’s only after further thought and following my propensity to look upward for assistance that I realize that I’m never alone in anything. Regardless of the joy or sorrow I encounter, God’s love is the constant which will never ever change. Indeed, God’s love accompanies me through everything.

God of Love, through I’m enjoying a pleasant day, many of your children are struggling. Help us to be tangible reminders of your love to those who need you most.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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