Teach Them To Hope

My people, hear my teaching,
listen to the words of my mouth…

Psalm 78:1

After encouraging some teacher friends as they prepare to welcome the new school year and their new students, I considered my own efforts in this regard…

I began my teaching career with the basics in mind. I had to get my students’ attention. I had keep their attention by making what I had to say interesting and understandable. Finally, I had to give them reason to remember what I shared with them. Not long into that first year, I realized there was so much more to welcoming and educating children! By the time I became a reading teacher, I’d mastered the art of convincing even the most reluctant students to read just about anything. The greater challenge came in convincing them to approach their textbooks with the same enthusiasm. Because I sympathized with their struggle, I convinced them that what they picked up from those seemingly tedious lessons would actually enrich their lives one day. Of course, I offered lots of stories to make my case.

Perhaps this is the reason Jesus taught with so many parables. When I doubt that I’m loved, I recall the parable of The Good Shepherd. When I doubt that I’ll ever be forgiven, I think of the Prodigal Son and his dad. When I wonder if I’m of value in anyone’s eyes, I consider that lost coin. Jesus said its owner turned her house upside down to find it. Through each of his stories, Jesus gave us reason to abandon our worry and embrace hope. Hopefully, I taught a student or two to do the same.

Loving God, thank you for hope-filled lessons and the amazing teachers who offer them!

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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