Spread The Word!

Mary went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord,”
and then reported what he had told her.

John 20:18

Recent good news keeps me in “alleluia mode” these days. Good news is hard to keep to oneself. I admit to offering continued updates regarding my grandchildren to anyone who will listen. I’m just as eager when my news might be helpful to others. We’re all willing to spread the word when that word is worth spreading. We share a good book and diet tips that work. We tell our colleagues about inroads we’ve made with the new payroll technology and the new boss. We can’t keep the news of a long-awaited pregnancy or a cancer remission to ourselves for longer than it takes to scroll down to a number on our cell phones. Indeed, good news is a limited commodity in this Twenty-first Century world of ours. So it is that we celebrate it at every opportunity!

The truth is that since the beginning of time, good news has been in short supply on this earth. No wonder we share glad tidings when they come our way. When our circumstances surround us with sorrow and pain, we perk up to listen when words of hope are offered. It occurs to me that though life can be tough, good news is always ours. When we acknowledge God’s presence around us and within us, good news takes on a whole new meaning which endures for the long haul!

Loving God, thank you for breathing hope into every minute of every day.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved


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