The Gift of Love

I will thank you always for what you have done,
and proclaim the goodness of your name.

Psalm 52:11

After our kids and grandkids visited, I picked up the house a bit. There was little to do as I’d done the same before they all arrived. The only cleaning required was in the kitchen where I’d baked brownies and prepped a taco dip. I admit to a pleased-with-myself look as I took off my green apron and carried it to the laundry room. I love my green apron…

My sister fashioned this favorite decades ago. At the time, Cecele had two young children whom she was raising alone. As Christmas approached, my sister realized she had no money for Christmas gifts other than a few things for her children. Christmas has always been our family’s favorite holiday. Even in the leanest of times, our parents managed to provide something special for each of their children. Cecele couldn’t bear to arrive on Christmas day without gifts for her siblings and God-children. So it was that she hand-made something for each of us. She sewed a large stuffed snake for my son. Because I’m the cookie-baker of the family, at least at Christmastime, Cecele made two green terry cloth aprons for me. I’ve used them ever since.

Before putting it into the laundry tub, I held my apron close. I love my sister and this apron reminds me of her love for me.

Generous God, thank you for gracing us with hearts capable of love. Help us always to use them well!

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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