P is for Peace

Kindness and truth shall meet;
justice and peace shall kiss.

Psalm 85:11

P is for Peace. Of all of my heart’s desires, I think I long for and relish peace most of all. A recent internal bout (which wasn’t at all peaceful) intensified this longing. In the past, even during the most difficult of times, I’ve been at least faintly aware of a remnant of peace deep within me. In spite of my troubles, I’d remained convinced at some level that my circumstances would evolve for the best. This time, however, my ample contribution of blood, sweat, tears and prayer seemed not to help. After weeks of misery, I accepted that I couldn’t do much more to help myself. Finally, I directed my efforts upward and inched my way in God’s direction. I placed my troubles into God’s hands and eased myself into God’s embrace. When I let go of my sadness, I made room for God’s peace to enter in.

Though I’ll have to wait for heaven to enjoy the psalmist’s peaceful image which I cite above, I can find some level of peace in every moment I’m given. I need only to acknowledge God’s presence in the midst of it. Perhaps my New Year’s efforts should include taking a deep breath before allowing less-than-peaceful sentiments to overwhelm me. Perhaps these efforts should include a glance upward and a glance inward before I take the gloom and doom around me to heart. Perhaps I need to begin each day with a prayer that God’s peace surfaces within me before I allow anything else to enter in. Perhaps I can bring a glimpse of the psalmist’s image into this world and into my own heart after all.

Compassionate God, help us to set aside our worries and to focus upon your peaceful presence as we embrace each new day.

©2019 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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