Q is for Quiet

Be still, and know that I am God…
From Psalm 46:10

Q is for Quiet. I can’t take credit for this theme. It was some years ago when my friend Carol suggested that “quiet” is a beautiful thing, especially the quiet in which we encounter God. Though I struggled for a “Q word” when I first turned to the alphabet to guide these reflections, I’m not struggling today. Yes, Q is for Quiet! Thank you, Carol!

I’ve always relished the quiet around me. This may be a remnant from my crowded childhood. It was a rare moment when our six-room flat occupied by ten people was quiet. So it is that, when I’m home alone, our house is extremely quiet. The television is off. My computer speaker and cell phone are set at their lowest volume levels. I can actually hear the kids leaving the school across the street because of the quiet here. Still, my masterful ability to create this quiet environment doesn’t always result in the quiet which Carol suggested.

God’s quiet comes in unexpected places and at unexpected times. I find this inner quiet here at home and I find it when I venture outdoors. Because the current near-zero temperatures keep me inside much of the time, I sometimes look for God’s quiet at the mall. There is something in the faces I pass along the way and in the interactions between parents and children, spouses and groups of teens which reveal the Almighty to me. Though I don’t pray a word in the midst of these encounters, God speaks to me then and there every time.

Yes, I must be still enough to pay attention in the quiet and in the clamor of this life. For, in everything and everyone around me, God infuses that quiet presence where I come to experience God best of all.

Dear God, thank you for filling every space and moment with your loving presence. Nudge me to notice more often.

©2019 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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