Carry On… God’s Counting On You!

…be converted …that the Lord
may grant you times of refreshment…

From Acts 3:19

It’s only a week since Lent ended and four days since Easter. Still, I find myself falling into some old habits that I thought I’d left behind. When I choose something to do for Lent, my intent is to work diligently at my cause for the forty days we’re given and then to carry this through long after Easter. This was especially important to me this year as I truly hoped to bring healing to this world of ours through my efforts on behalf of loved ones both near and far, loved ones both known and unknown to me. Unfortunately, though my intent was on my mind day in and day out, I don’t feel that I was particularly productive. I spent two weeks of Lent fighting a cold which derailed my efforts a bit. This isn’t an excuse. It’s just an explanation of what happened.

The good news is that, though Lent 2019 is behind me, I can renew my efforts. Whenever I truly intend to do something that is important to me, I need to commit myself for the long haul and to make this commitment a priority. My efforts shouldn’t be limited to forty days. When it comes to improving this world or myself, my circumstances or the situations around me, it’s up to me to see to it every chance I get. So it is that I’m renewing my Lenten commitment today. I’m beginning by turning my eyes upward to ask the Lord God to be with me all the while. In the process, I find that I am indeed loved and that my efforts are much appreciated. I’ve also been assured that the same is true for every single one of us!

Dear God, thank you for your ample gifts of love and encouragement. Open my eyes just a bit more, that I may recognize these gifts whenever I need them.

©2019 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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