Talk To God

God knows what you need before you ask.
This is how you are to pray.

From Matthew 6:8-9

Every morning when I wake, I habitually pray, “Thank you for the sleep!” Afterward, I crawl out of bed, raise the shades in our bedroom and read a page from my favorite devotional. That reflection gives me a positive focus for the new day and reminds me to add some substance to that one-line prayer I mumbled earlier. The problem is that I sometimes head off to the tasks at hand without giving a thought to the rest of that prayer.

The other day, as I considered my to-do list, I found myself forwarding a list of “to-dos” to God. I communicated with my Maker and Constant Companion mechanically. There was nothing personal in this particular morning’s conversation. I was simply going through the motions because of the busy day which lay ahead.

I’m happy to report that this isn’t the way it always goes. Most mornings, I take note of the conditions outdoors as I raise those shades and I thank God again, this time for creation. After reading the reflection in that devotional on my dresser, I give thanks for the wisdom I’ve found there. Finally, as I mentally organize my day, I share my plans with God. I add the concerns of my loved ones and my own. I also invite God to interrupt whatever I’m doing whenever God chooses. After all, I interrupt God’s day all of the time!

Dear God, thank you for listening.

©2020 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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