Some Things Need To Be Shared….

Though I normally post only once each day,
I couldn’t resist sharing the wisdom
that a friend just offered on Facebook…

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

This advice was first offered to Mr. Fred Rogers by his mom. Apparently he truly appreciated his mother’s wisdom because he frequently repeated the same throughout his adult life. Fred Rogers used these words to calm worried children and adults as well when helping them to weather stressful times. A friend who is a paramedic is one of those helpers. Tired as he is, he still took the time to acknowledge the helpers all around him. This is what Paramedic Brandon wrote today…

“Just so I never forget…
Friday, April 3, 2020
I was at work while the rest of
the country was saving lives
on their couch.”

If you’re at home, wringing your hands because there is so much to worry about, remember Brandon. Remember Mr. Rogers. Remember that you are NOT alone. If all you can do today is to social distance by staying at home, you’re a hero in Brandon’s eyes. If all you can do today is to force a smile to encourage those who are at home with you, you are a helper and you are a hero in Mr. Roger’s eyes. If all you can do today is look beside yourself to the seeming emptiness on your couch, remember that couch isn’t empty at all. The love of everyone who cares about you -both nearby and faraway- is there with you. You are a hero in their eyes. Remember, as Paramedic Brandon observed, you’re saving lives!

Loving God, you’ve also made yourself at home on our couches. Thank for being with us for the long haul!

©2020 Mary Penich-All Rights Reserved

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