Know that I am with you always!
From Matthew 28:20

One of the benefits of having moved is that I feel obligated to explore our new neighborhood. Actually, the word “obligated” is a poor word choice when describing how I feel. I don’t feel “obligated” at all! I feel “excited” about exploring. I feel “invited” to explore. I feel “thrilled” about transforming this “new” neighborhood into “my old familiar” neighborhood where I’ll no longer “explore”. One day, I’ll simply walk this often-tread path which has become my own.

During my most recent walk, I discovered that I wasn’t alone. Though I usually use these solitary treks to chatter to God above, I felt God’s presence much closer. It was as though a dear friend was walking at my side. “As though?”

I chose the quote from Matthew above because it puts into words God’s promise to remain with each one of us. We never have to feel “as though” God is nearby. We get to feel and to know that God absolutely is nearby. God remains beside us and within us wherever we are, no matter what!

I have no doubt that God will continue to walk with me as I make my new neighborhood my own. None of us should ever doubt God’s close and loving proximity to us. On this 4th Day of Advent, let’s celebrate God’s closeness by doing whatever we have to do today with a smile because we’re not doing any if it alone!

Ever-Present God, thank you for always being nearby.

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