In my distress, I called out to God
and God answered me…

From Jonah 2:2

I’ve done my best to immerse myself in gratitude this Advent. Still, I’ve managed to give in to sadness, disappointment and anger on a few occasions. Since this is only Day 6 of Advent 2022, I’m a little disappointed in myself.

As I typed that last sentence, a newscast blared from the television in the family room. My husband was working on Christmas pot arrangements nearby. He’d raised the volume so he could listen while he worked. I wished he’d chosen an old rerun I could ignore rather than that news report…

The news wasn’t good… So, what was I to do? Grumpy as that last paragraph sounded, a smile dispelled the negativity that was creeping up on me. “Huh! Where did that come from?” I asked. I looked out my study window and saw large white snowflakes floating to the ground, and I smiled again. I knew where that smile came from. Someone had nudged me from above…

Now I didn’t have time to walk outdoors, and it was a little too cold, but I had to get out into that snow. I grabbed my jacket and the stack of stamped envelopes near the door. I got into my car and drove to the mailbox downtown.

On the way, as I passed bustling neighborhoods filled with houses, a young buck darted across the street a few feet in front of my car. Small as he was, he had an amazing set of antlers. I couldn’t help smiling as I asked again, “Where did that come from?” Once again, I knew. I love deer and every sighting is a thrill. That Someone had nudged me again.

It occurred to me that none of this should have surprised me. Haven’t I insisted that God is always at our sides???

Loving God, thank you for always being nearby.

©2022 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

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