…for Lent & Eastertime [BOOK]

Something to Think About…For Lent and Eastertime! offers daily reflections which encourage and inspire through both the words of scripture and our daily experiences. The first believers encountered their greatest hope and their deepest despair as they considered how they might continue without Jesus in their midst. Readers will share in their trials and their jubilation through this ninety-six day journey. In the end, Mary hopes readers will develop an insatiable desire to communicate with the God of Jesus, discover new ways to tackle the challenges of daily life, and ultimately become convinced of God’s enduring love and our amazing ability to share that love with others. Mary sets the tone with an opening discussion of Lent and the Easter Season. The daily reflections that follow are based upon a scripture passage from the Bible. For those who follow the Lectionary, passages are taken from Cycle B.

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