Sent Forth With Love

My husband and I babysit for our little grandson a day or two each week. When we arrived this past Tuesday, Danny smiled broadly as he opened his arms to greet us. When his dad handed him over to me, he explained that Danny’s smile surprised him because his dear child had woken up every two hours the previous night. Danny continued to sport his infectious grin as I informed him that he would need to nap well that day. Amazingly enough, Danny continued to smile for an hour after his daddy left for work. Eventually in the midst of our play, Danny rubbed his eyes and whimpered a bit. When I scooped him off the floor, he quickly nuzzled into me. When I retrieved a bottle of milk from the refrigerator, I fully expected Danny to sit up and offer the elated coos which normally accompany this rite. This time, however, little Danny nuzzled more closely and waited peacefully as the bottle warmed. The tired little imp managed to keep his eyes open about an ounce into that bottle. He finished the rest in a sleepy daze. After Danny drew in the last drop, I held him for a few minutes and then laid him in his crib for the first nap of the new day.

As I tiptoed down the hall, I wondered if Danny will remember anything from his seemingly carefree infancy. I actually stopped in my tracks with that thought as there hasn’t been much that has been carefree regarding Danny’s life to date. From the early onset of labor which confined his mommy to bed to his early arrival which frightened us all, this child’s well-being has been the main focus of his parents and the rest of us who love him. The good news is that residual issues have been addressed. The better news is that Danny now behaves as a typical ten-month-old –if there is such a thing!

I admit that I took advantage of Danny’s nap-time that morning to prepare this reflection. The images of our peacefully sleeping grandson and his daddy’s tired eyes inspired some insight regarding the scriptures. Isaiah (66:10-14c) likens the prosperity of God’s people to a newborn baby who is lovingly cared for. This child’s mother has been blessed as well because the babe in her arms arrived without benefit of grueling labor and a painful delivery. The mothers among us can attest to the uniqueness of this situation! All of us can attest to the fact that the care we received as infants has had a lifelong impact upon who we are today. This is the reason Isaiah assured the people of God’s initial and ongoing love for each one of them.

In his letter to the Galatians (6:14-18), Paul references a birth of sorts as well. Paul expounds upon the miracle of his rebirth at the hands of Jesus. Paul had persecuted and killed hundreds of Jesus’ followers because they had moved beyond The Law which had been part and parcel of their Jewish identity to the teachings of Jesus. After meeting Jesus himself in an astonishing post-resurrection encounter, Paul realized the one’s acknowledgement of God’s love for us and our need to love one another were what truly mattered. So it was that Paul took on all that Jesus had to say and he made Jesus’ mission his own.

Luke’s gospel (10:1-12, 17-20) relates another rebirth. After having sent The Twelve to teach in his name, Jesus sent out seventy-two others to do the same. Jesus cautioned them not to worry about money, meals or even the sandals on their feet. Jesus sent them off with all they needed to bring God’s peace wherever they made their way. Though they left Jesus’ side with a measure of trepidation, all seventy-two returned with ecstatic hearts. It was impossible for them to contain their awe over all they had accomplished in Jesus’ name.

When Danny began to stir from his nap that afternoon, I set aside my pen and thanked God for easing his parents through those traumatic early days with him. For another few decades, they’ll continue to nurture and guide their little boy. When the time comes for Danny to set out on his own, he’ll be as ready as any of us can be. As I headed down the hall to rescue my grandson from his crib, I realized that I have experienced the love that Isaiah, Paul and Jesus insist is ours. While Danny’s parents will deal with the nitty-gritty of minute-to-minute parenting, Grandpa and I get to watch over it all. Like our ever-benevolent God, we will stand by to help out in a pinch. Like our ever-faithful God, we will watch with expectant love knowing that Danny will fulfill it as best he can. From the moment God created you and me, that same love has poured down upon us. From our very beginnings God has known that we will all fulfill every expectation of us as best we can –just like Danny!

©2016 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved