Tuesday, Fifth Week of Easter

“I am going away and I will come back to you.
If you loved me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father…”

From John 14:27-31

When my mother received her final diagnosis, she took the news in stride. My sisters and I gathered in her hospital room a few days after the surgery that revealed her cancer. Since she had tolerated the procedure well and had returned to her typical good humor, we decided the time was right to share this information. Though our eyes moistened during this conversation, our mom’s response was cool and collected. “I’ve had a good long life,” she said. “I wanted to leave a well educated family that contributes, and I have.” Practical woman that she was, Mom went on to explain that she would no longer need the bedrooms she had occupied for the past year. Rather, she planned to stay permanatly at the facility where she would have recovered from her surgery.

There was minimal subsequent discussion regarding my mother’s diagnosis and the place where she would spend her last days. If we loved her, we would cooperate with her plans.

Shortly before she passed, I dared to ask, “Mom, are afraid? Are you okay?” She replied, “Oh, yes, Mary! They’re waiting for me over there!” Not long afterward, she peacefully passed on.

Eternal God, I thank you for making us people of faith and hope and for gifting us with the reality of the eternity we long for. Thank you most especially for my mother’s faith which continues to inspire me and all who loved her.