God Knows…

God looked down from the holy height,
from heaven God beheld the earth,to hear…

From Psalm 102:20-21

From the time I was very young, people asked me to pray for things. With youthful zeal, I obliged as best I could. Every night, I said my prayers. This was more my mother’s doing than my own. When she tucked me into bed, she always asked, “Did you say your prayers?” If I had, I proudly acknowledged this. If I hadn’t, I admitted my omission and quickly began. Sometimes, though I’d told my mom that I already said my prayers, she asked me to add an extra prayer for someone who was sick or who had something difficult to deal with. Again, I happily obliged. I was pleased that someone thought my prayers were helpful.

Over the years, difficulties which seemed not to be eased by my prayers gave me reason to question this effort. I found myself wondering often if my prayers did any good at all. Fortunately, I eventually realized that presenting a laundry list of requests to God wasn’t the best use of our time together. I learned to sit quietly for a bit. Rather then voicing what God already knew, I invited God to look into my heart for my troubles and for those I carried for others. Though I wasn’t always certain of what my prayer accomplished, just acknowledging that God was aware changed everything for me. Though I rarely knew what, I knew that something would be done in God’s good time.

Dear God, I will try never to doubt your concern for us.

©2017 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved