Tender Words

Some of the most tender moments parents share with their children are the result of uncertainty and fear. Through the worst of storms, after watching a far too frightening film, or when someone actually promises to do them harm, children scramble to the laps of their parents to find safety. In their parents’ embrace, children find comfort in carefully chosen words which offer the assurance that, indeed, everything will be all right. Sometimes, when their words are not enough and their children continue to shiver and shake, parents resort to storytelling. Mom and Dad hope that sharing their own experiences with fear and happy endings will convince their little one that he or she is safe and that things really will be okay.

God’s children are not very different from our own, are they? Sometimes, no matter how well-chosen God’s words are, we also don’t know what to make of them. Our uncertainty and fear overwhelm us. These feelings preclude our understanding and they preclude our ability to find comfort. For these very reasons, God becomes a storyteller as well.

Stories make things so much clearer to little children and to big ones as well! Stories underscore the wisdom that those who care for us hope to pass on. The scriptures are teeming with stories of God’s promise to do whatever it takes to get us safely home. My favorite sources of encouragement are the Psalms and the Parables of Jesus -especially the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Are you in need of a good story today?

Loving God, thank you for reaching out to us over the centuries through inspired scripture writers. Thank you also for continuing to share your tenderness and love through today’s preachers, teachers and writers who open their hearts to your inspiration.

©2014 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved