X… X-ray Vision?

I rock with grief, and am troubled…
From Psalm 55:3

X is for X-ray Vision… If only we had it!

I encountered the term “dark night of the soul” during my college theology courses. I learned that St. John of the Cross coined this term which references a sense of feeling completely abandoned by God. More recently, the early writings of Mother Teresa of Calcutta revealed her lifelong sadness over God’s apparent absence to her. Still, in spite of this sense of loneliness, she persisted in caring for God’s most desperately needy children. I don’t have to look far to see others who find themselves in this predicament. As I consider these suffering people, I wonder if still others are disguising their sense of abandonment with their kindnesses.

There are many suffering souls nearby. We often remain unaware because they put up a good front or we don’t have the time or the wherewithal to take a closer look. We can’t peek into the hearts of those waiting in line with us at the market or of our own family members and friends for that matter. So it is that we miss a lot.

Though I reference X-ray vision, I realize that none of us share this gift with Superman. Still, we can make up for our deficit. We can make ourselves approachable. Replacing a scowl with a smile goes a long way. We can also set aside our own agendas on occasion. Problems don’t arise in accordance with anyone’s schedule. They just happen. Finally, we can listen. The rest is up to God. Trust me. The words we need and that nudge in the right direction will come. God sees more clearly than any x-ray ever could and God will help us to respond appropriately.

Compassionate God, help us to see and to respond to one another as you would.

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