W is for…

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me…
From Psalm 25:21

W is for Write. I realize that there are many more meaningful words which begin with “w”. I chose “write” because this is what I need to be doing at the moment. I’m in the midst of writing a book which is very important to me. Perhaps a reader or two will find it has meaning for them as well. The process, however, is grueling at best. I get on a role for a day or two or three only to be interrupted by what I call “real life”.

For some time now, a “real life” situation has sapped my energy and my creativity. I attribute this to my genuine concern for those involved. I think that we all need to invest our time in the concerns which matter to us and to those we love. Because I needed to clear my head regarding all this, I retreated to the outdoors. In the midst of that much-needed walk, I recalled several people who’ve approached me over the past few months to thank me for these posts and for my Sunday reflections which appear in our parish bulletin. I told myself, “My writing seems to be important to a lot of people including myself.” As soon as I said that, I had to wonder if the energy and worry I’d invested in that bit of “real life” was equally important. As I walked on, I admitted that I’ve already done everything within my power to help. Aside from praying for those concerned, there truly is no more for me to do.

With that, I returned home. I whispered a prayer regarding that situation and then sat at my keyboard to write this post and to begin the next chapter of my book.

Loving God, thank you for the inspiration and for the faithful readers who join me in taking it to heart.

©2018 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved

In God’s Hands

I set the Lord ever before me;
with him at my right hand I shall not be disturbed.

From Psalm 16

Just prior to leaving for our Alaskan vacation, I caught myself indulging in worries of every kind. I worried about the flights and forgetting our passports. I worried about packing the right clothing for the weather and I worried that the forecasts were inaccurate. I worried that our excursion bookings might be lost. Most of all, I worried about actually participating in the first excursion of our cruise -Zipriding from a mountainside over the trees in Icy Straight Point.

The morning we left home, my suitcase handle broke. I had no choice but to tape it up as there was no time to re-pack. I immediately dismissed the possibility that this could be a bad omen regarding our vacation and I found myself very much at peace as we drove to the airport. The traffic cooperated and we made it in plenty of time to check in and grab a snack before taking off.

Our land tour went well, and we anxiously boarded the ship for more. After a day at sea, we sailed into our first port, Icy Straight Point. As I dressed for our zipriding adventure, I realized I had not worried a bit since we left home. As I considered this completely out-of-character excursion which would take me more than a thousand feet above ground, I looked into the mirror and prayed, “Dear Lord, what was I thinking of when I signed up for this?”

A few hours later, as I sailed over the trees, I couldn’t stop smiling. Over and over again, I shouted, “Thank you, God! Thank you so much! This is awesome!!!” Afterward, as I walked away from the ride, I remembered that I had asked God to bless my husband and me with a good vacation and to be with us all the while. I whispered, “Thank you!” once again, for my prayer had been answered well beyond my expectations.

Caring God, you are with us always and you care for us more deeply than we will ever know. Thank you for expressing your love to my husband and me in the wonder of this much needed vacation. Help us to use our renewed spirits to do the same for all of those you have given us to love.

©2013 Mary Penich – All Rights Reserved